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gokigoki nature

Wheel loader, goki nature

Natural play with a sustainable raw material, which looks natural always different. This communicates the wheel loader as well as all other products of "goki nature".
gokigoki nature

Vehicles, goki nature

100% untreated wood for the little ones. The colour variations of the wood are produced using an ecological thermal treatment.
gokigoki nature

Cement mixer, goki nature

The childrens room transforms into a construction site. Advantageous is a cement mixer made of natural and robust beech wood.
gokigoki nature

Sort Box, goki nature

The goki nature sort box does without colour completely. The dark brown tone is achieved by a special thermal treatment of the wood. Robust, practical and child-friendly - ready for...
Blocks / Building Blocksgoki

Building Blocks, nature

Playing without building bricks - unthinkable. They are indispensable for the development of elementary skills. The 30-piece "goki nature" set focuses on the essentials. The different shades of brown are...
gokigoki nature

Forklift truck, goki nature

With a height of 40 cm, the forklift truck is equal in every way to the other goki nature vehicles. Made from 100% untreated wood, it is ideal for allergy...
gokigoki nature

Dump truck, goki nature

Tactile appealing and 100% natural. This is what makes the dump truck indispensable for the construction site in the children's room.
gokigoki nature

Garbage truck, goki nature

Professional and proper waste disposal is an environmental issue in itself, so this robust, durable goki-nature garbage truck hits the heart of sustainability. The different shades of brown on the...

Moose balancing game, goki nature

This game of skill is the only genuine moose test! The dice are thrown alternately and the corresponding barrel must be placed on the moose - which makes wobble. Who...
gokigoki nature

Tractor with trailer, goki nature

The tractor from the new product line „goki nature“ and the trailer with tipping function make the work playful. Massive, natural beech wood from replenishable EU woodland.
gokigoki nature

Train Bern, goki nature

Honk, honk! Welcome to Bern. The big train, made of natural wood, is especially for little drivers.